Re: Pentan funeral customs; Sylilan

From: David Dunham <>
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 21:20:09 -0800

Peter Metcalfe

> I think that cremation is a practice of the Modern Pentans, being
> influenced by the Rinliddi (who burn their dead) and perhaps the
> Votanki (although I can't find anything on their funerary practices)
> and that only the Traditionalists (including the Grazers and perhaps
> the CharUn) use Briars.

Um, that's "bier," as in "A stand on which a corpse or a coffin containing a corpse is placed before burial."

We know the Grazers still practice exposure (note Saraskos, son of the Feathered Horse Queen [KoS.44]).

Theo Posselt asked

> Regarding the Sylilings, what language would they
> speak? A variant of Alakoring?

Sylilan (or New Pelorian). Alakoring is not a language, it's a religio-cultural category -- Orlanthi who have been influenced by Alakoring's reforms. (You know, it probably should have been called Alakoringite or something to avoid the confusion by the coincidence in Alakoring's name looking like an adjective).

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