resubmitting: Hours and the Lost City of Ani

From: Mike Dawson <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 11:52:34 -0500

<fontfamily><param>Helvetica</param>This got zero comment when it hit =
the digest before. Hopefully, that was due to the technical = difficulties, not the crappy quality of the ideas.


0L;308L;336L;</param></x-tabstops></flushleft></color><x-tabstops><param>2= 8L;56L;84L;112L;140L;168L;196L;224L;252L;280L;308L;336L;</param>A bit of = rereading in the Glorantha HW Book drew my attention to a description of = time--including a mention that many cultures give names to the hours of = the day.

I remember some version of this for Uz--some hours were called things = like "when the crickets stop chirping."

I've never seen one for Heortling culture, so I thought I'd give it a = try. It isn't finished, but here goes, including some alternate names = based on regional variation:

Midnight Hour of Xentha [Pole Star in Northern Sartar]

1 AM Hour of Yinkin

2 AM Hour of Elmal [Yelmalio in Northern Sartar, Tolat some places]

3 AM Hour of Zorak Zoran [Telmor near their lands, the Devil near = Prax]

4 AM Hour of Urox (whose greatest act occurred before the dawn)

5 AM Hour of Chalana Arroy (who healed the Sun, allowing its rebirth)

6 AM Hour of Theya

7 AM Hour of Barntar (because it is time to get to work)

8 AM Hour of Ernalda

9 AM Hour of Issaries (shops open, farewells said, journeys begun)

10 AM Hour of Lhankor Mhy (because scholars work late and sleep in)

11 AM Hour of ?????=20

Noon Hour of Yelm (duh)

1 PM Hour of ?????

2 PM Hour of ?????

3 PM Hour of Heler (Afternoon Thunderstorms around this time)

4 PM Hour of Humakt (a time for duels, mirrors giving Death to = Orlanth, battles end)

5 PM Hour of Orlanth (for the slaying of Yelm)

6 PM Hour of Rausa (duh)

7 PM Hour of Argan Argar (when the Dark Markets are open to and = safest for daytimers)

8 PM Hour of Uleria (because good people are abed by now)

9 PM Hour of Kyger Litor

10 PM Hour of Elders/Ancestors (because old folks need less sleep, and = councils meet long into the night)

11 PM Hour of Eurmal (because by this time, anyone awake is really = drunk)

For 11, 1 and 2, I can't think of anything particularly fitting. I = suppose Voriof and Uralda deserve hours of their own, but why these?

Of course, with no real instruments of timekeeping, these hours are as = variable as the winds. In the summer, the days are longer, and the hour = of Rausa probably lasts until almost 9pm "real" time, for example.

Variations of these names from one Orlanthi area to another offers lots = of chances for miscommunication. Reminds me of the sorts of problems = that medieval merchants used to face with non-standard measurements for = goods. "Late? What do you mean, late? I was there at half-past Heler, = and you were already gone!"

Now on to the Lost City.

Searching for examples of real-world architecture to use for my game, I = came across the Lost City of Ani in Armenia:


This web site is a tremendous resource on a very unusual and picturesque = city occupied from 850-1500 or so.

I solicit comments on what city or ruin in Glorantha could be modeled = after this amazing and well documented place. Its rough traits that need = to match are: Large city or Metropolis, sited on North side of a not too = huge river, rocky soil, western-ish style buildings, temperate climate.

My quick nominations for Gloranthan placement: Valantia, Segurane, = Estau, Riverjoin, Zoria, Syran, Marost, Baustin, Red Ruin. Not that I = mean to step on anyone else's development of these cities, if such = exists. Somehow I doubt that lots of work has gone on for ALL of these.

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