Re: Hour insights, also menstrual cycles

From: Weihe, David <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 17:55:02 -0500

Greg Stafford <> wrote:
> > From: Mike Dawson <>
> > Subject: resubmitting: Hours and the Lost City of Ani
> Couple little things on your list:
> First, the Heortling day starts at sundown. Thus the night of Earthday is
> before the day of Earthday.

Oi vey!

> >6 PM Hour of Rausa (duh)
> The length of the day changes according to the season.

Yes, but do the Orlanthi really care when they call out the hours? In most farming societies, "sundial" time is all that anyone cares about; Europe started using exact time instead only because of Christian monks needing to know the hour for each service in cloudy Northern Europe. Thus, if Orlanthi are measuring time by exact hours rather than rough estimates, why? Mythic reasons? If so, what? God Learner (Malkioni) contamination (assuming that they kept the clocks that Zzabur used during the Ice Age/Darkness)? To tick off (no pun intended) DHers and Yelmalions?

BTW to Mike's message, cows were milked before sunrise, as soon as there was enough light to get to the barn (~ 4:30-5AM), at least according to my relatives who spent their summers on a farm in West Virginia before rural electrification (the farm had its own generators and batteries, but not for lights). (Stephen Tempest) wrote:
> Subject: Vingans
> Another thought regarding contraception: on Earth, a strong mythical
> connection was often drawn between the Moon's 28-day cycle and that of
> women. Does anything similar exist on Glorantha?

The Red Moon cycle of 7 days is 1/4th the *nominal* month, and according to the Gloranthan Ephemeris program (which I just ran), Shargash/Tolat's is 28 days. Of course, some people have expressed different views about menstrual cycles (length and even its presence) on Glorantha, so that may not matter - YGMV, apparently.

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