Hon-eel and the Earth Goddesses

From: Pok Iartes <pokiartes_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 02:07:35 -0800 (PST)

Peter Larsen stated:
>HonEel seems like quite a loose cannon she helped the

>Empire a lot, but it seems like her own agenda was
>much more important to her. Or is this a side effect

>of linking/proving herself to Maran Gor(She got into
>Tarsh, but at the cost of gaining Dark Earth

Does Hon-eel link herself to Maran Gor or to Ernalda (presumably via the Temple on Kodros Isle(?) noted in KoS). I had always assumed the latter.

Although Maran Gor is popular and powerful in the south of Old Tarsh and is the patron of the Tarsh Exiles on Wintertop (about 10% of the Tarshite population), I was under the impression that northern/lowland/Lunar Tarsh (about 90% of the Tarshite population) was dominated (on the feminine side) by the Cult of Ernalda, it's greatest temple being the aforementioned Temple on Kodros Isle (which also has Dunstop, the Duel(ing) Field and Marouf's House within it's confines). By influencing this cult, she influences a far larger population of earth cultists in Old Tarsh...

Dana Winston

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