Re: The Glorantha Digest V8 #234

From: Greg Stafford <>
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 07:09:01 -0800

At 11:47 AM 1/26/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>HonEel seems like quite a loose cannon -- she helped
>the Empire a lot, but it seems like her own agenda was much more important
>to her.

Oh well, we know (:) she was doing ti for the good of the empire!

> HonEel seems like the Lunarized Earth. Assuming this is true, how does she
>relate to the Young Elemental Earth? Also, is her worship a Hero Cult, or
>has she actually become the Maize Goddessfor the Empire?
More than a hero. She is an incarnation of Sedenya. In places parts of her worship include her maize growth.

> Somewhere (Wyrm's Footnotes, I think) JarEel is described as a
>reincarnation or second coming of HonEel.
"Inspiration of Moonson" is the official title. Both these have it. They are avatars of Sedenya.

>Is this still the case? If so,
>JarEel seems surprisingly wholesome (yes, she killed all those Sartarites,
>but she doesn't seem to have the malevolent qualities of HonEel and seems
>much more loyal to the Empire and Emperor).

That is because JarEel is just starting on her career.

>I'm finding HonEel more and more interesting. It doesn't look like being
>closely related to the Red Emperor is all that good for your health. His
>daughters doesn't seem to live all that long (although they get to be Gods
>after death). Yara Aranis looks like the big exception, but I have my
>doubts if she's really a daughter of the Red Emperor (there's a spider-like
She is.

>horse-eathing demon in (the Fortunate Succession?) who soulds suspiciously
>like her). The Lunars like adopting horrible things (the Bat's another
>example), don't they?

Only for the good of the empire, of ocurse!!

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