Gloranthan Literacy

From: Peter Larsen <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 21:52:00 -0800

Alain RAMEAU says:

>However, is "Read/write" still a valid skill, for the same reason : I guess a
>Hero should be able to read/write his mother tongue, except if the player
>decides to take a flaw ? To say it another way, is the RW distinction between
>speak and read/write still a valid distinction in a world like Glorantha where
>magic is everywhere and can help learning languages easily ?

        Glorantha ought to be a mostly pre-literate world. What do rural Heortlings need literacy for? Even in literacy-friendly places (Kralorela, Glamour, parts of the West) literacy rates are not, in my opinion, what we would consider high. There are symbol sets that people recognize (some runes) like medieval peasants knew the Saints by their various symbols, but people who can read (much less read well) should be pretty rare. Characters should pay for literacy.

        I could be wrong here, though; I think I've seen posts by (Sandy Petersen?) that many Heortlings are literate. I find it hard to believe, though.

Peter Larsen

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