Re: Smiths and caste

Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 10:16:19 EST


<< >A smith may be a person that falls between the castes of artisan
>(farmer) warrior and wizard. After all, who is going to go and tell that
>ironsmith that he isn't allowed to carry that sword and chainmail he has
>made for himself?

 There is no prohibition on Farmer-castes from carrying sword and chain into battle.>>

     No, there is for iron weapons and armour, IMO. Not that many farmers are lucky enough to have even bronze chainmail anyway :-).

<< Most foot-soldiers in Malkioni lands are from the Farmer Caste. Serfs with weapons is a bad thing, but not all Farmer-castes are Serfs. >>

    The Loskalmi raise a militia from the farmer class, but its only there for defence. They have full-time soldiers for the actual arse-kicking, but the fact that they've got so many of them, and give them privileges above what the 'proper' farmer class get is a cause for tension with other Malkioni.

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