Re: Yelmalio in Prax and Balazar

Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 16:28:57 EST

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<< The Sun Domers in Prax seem to live well by Yelmalio.  

 In Prax though there's always been evidence that the Sun County bunch  worship other deities who are part of the Solar Pantheon, Lokarnos, Dendara  for two examples. Yes Yemalio's the top deity but he's got lots of other  deities backing him up. >>

In Prax: they did have a golden age to establish themselves before Jaldon did his worst. They weren't a small ruling class over a large bunch of primitive nomadic hunters. They are all sedentry farmers. There were enough of them to survive as a single cohesive unit rather than three fragmented, physically seperate, rival citadels.

Keith Nellist

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