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Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 15:41:40 +1300

Federic Ferro:

> > Mralota is a Hsunchen boar spirit and although the Heortling
> > Pig Goddess (which would be that worshipped by the Kethaelans)
> > would be Entra (the ancient wife of Ketha).

>I thought Kethaa was a goddess and Entru a male, based on

Joerg's source for the Kethaa goddess/ Entru god is the Runequest Companion. However since a large nation in Kethaela has an agenda in showing that men are hopeless, it might be no surprise that the myth of a ruling earth god has been replaced by a sanitized version of a goddess.

> > The Goddess Kethaa tamed the wild earth giant (=god) Entru and took him
> > as her husband. Their children are known as the Entruli. This people
> > later wanders off into the west, where they settle in Wenelia, under the
> > lead of Wendel.

Tradetalk #4 has the Entruli (which it calls Hsunchen although I have my doubts about this) being six tribes (Ramali, Heerili, Maniri, Weneli, Drorgarites and Vathmai), most of which were driven westwards by the Vingkotlings.

Thunder Rebels p145 instead says that Kethaela was "occupied by the Earth people and later by the Vingkotlings". To the west of Kethaela (during the Storm Age) is a land called Sevid which "Orlanth recovered from the waters and gave to Ernalda his wife".

>Are the Entruli matrilineal like the Esrolvuli?

AFAIK the Entruli are not matriachal (although quite a few of them may be matrilineal clans).

>Is it a post-Helm&Shield-Saga myth?

No. The Entruli are around before the Vingkotlings set themselves up.

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