From: David Cake <>
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 16:03:43 +0800

Sergi wrote about the Kitori:
>I'm beggining a new campaign centered in this tribe, but I've found very
>little on it. Can anyone tell me where can I find more information on
>the kitori?

        I once wrote up a long article on them for Drastic, but it got spiked because Greg said he had plans to work on the Kitori himself.

        As Gregs stuff still has not been revealed, and I put a fair bit of work into my article, you can have a copy if you like.

        In summary, there are troll and human halves of the tribe, led by a Troll Queen and human King respectively. They are married ceremonially, but this is a political convenience - they don't live together, but are from separate clans. The human ruling god is Argan Argar, who is the major god of the tribe. The humans also revere Ernalda as the husband of Argan Argar. The Troll Queen is a KL priestess as usual. They also revere Joraz Kitor, the tribal founder, as a heroic Argan Argar sub-cult. Zorak Zorani are known to both halves of the tribe as warriors (the proximity of the Footprint makes their chaos fighting powers valuable).



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