From: Olli Kantola <nysalor_at_nuusi>
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 14:04:20 +0200

David Dunham <> wrote:

> The Umathelans are IMO also descended largely from Harandings (or
> even a different stock), plus they have been experimented on by God
> Learners and then isolated for centuries. I believe the Umathelans
> are only nominally Orlanthi, worshipping their own set of nine
> Lightbringers (Sandy posted on this years ago).

IMO the Godlearners made sure that they had a very monomythic worldview/mythology - more monomythic than the Heortlings. They also identified several local godlings with the monomythic equivalents, thereby gaining power over the locals.

Since the Godlearners demise monomyth has been degrading. The Umathelans have gone back to their roots. IMO Issaries is still Issaries in Umathela, but with heavy local variations. I think that when the Godlearners molded local gods to a universal format, the change was irreversible. Old, local myths and pieces of the monomyth, but still identifieble and under the same name.

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