Basmorlanth, migrations between realms

From: Joerg Baumgartner <>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 01:05:40 +0000

>>It is strange though that Orlanth the Lion crops up in direct
>>neighborhood to the remnants of the Pendali-returned-Basmoli
>>peoples of Basim and (I suppose) Bastis.

Peter Metcalfe
> Orlanth the lion is nowhere near Basim, being known so far to a
> _single_ clan in the Solanthi valley (between the two, one has
> the Pralori and the Nimistori).

>And I don't consider the name Bastis to be lion-derived.

Well, any idea what it would resemble instead?

Or where the Manirian lion this clan refers to would have come from?

We know that some time in the Golden Age the Basmoli passed through on their trek from Seshnela into Prax, where Tada killed their great spirit. Apart from that, we have the Pendali migration into the Basim region some 100 years after the Dawn.

Note that Orlanthi clans tend to migrate now and then, too, so Greymane's people don't have to have been in the Solanthi valley the last 1600 years. And they aren't necessarily the only lion-totem clan, only the most notable this far south and east.

> One would be much better using a connection with Yinkin-relation
> rather than Basmol IMO.

The Yinkin relation is not much better - Yinkin is special as a son of an animist "deity" (Fralar) and a theist deity (Kero Fin). Any half-brothers of his including the lion would be from the Spirit world, thus negating Julian's original argument.

The Mraloti of Ramalia span the worlds between animist hunter gatherers and theist farmers, both serving as tap-cattle to the Malkioni overlords, and the East Ralian Hsunchen as well as the originally Hsunchen Galanini (Enerali) show that a switch is possible.

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #316

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