Re: Aldryami otherworld

From: Nils Weinander <>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 10:07:34 +0100

Chris Lemens:
> I asked Greg to confirm or deny that:
> "The uz and Aldryami otherworlds act like the Underworld in not
> differentiating [between theistic and animistic entities], but they are not
> an independent source of how things behave in the inner world?"
> He said:
> "They are part of the Underworld. The Underworld is a source of part of the
> Mixed World. Just no one can say how, really."
> Sounds like canon to me.

Indeed, more below.

> Nils, again:
> >For example, Aldrya's realm can very well be part of the
> >undifferentiated Green Age, when such distinctions are
> >somewhat irrelevant.
> I think that is the feel (reading TFS helps me get into the whole,
> confusing, Green Age way of thinking). However, its location is not on the
> God Plane in the Green Age, but in the Underworld.

It may be that Underworld is actually a rather wide designation which covers everything that is very primal and/or undifferentiated. If you go to the Green Age you actually end up in this place regardless of whether you started in a theist, animist or sorcerous ceremony.

> I think the Green Age
> as experienced on the God Plan, is primarily a human thing.

Could be that there is no Green Age in the Gods World, Spirit World etc. Since humans don't have this composite understanding the elder races do, it is much harder and more dangerous for humans to go to the Green Age.

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