Dawn Age Mraloti

From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_bigfoot.com>
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 21:45:47 +1200

Joerg Baumgartner:

>I wanted to point out that the natives of Maniria turned to Lifebringer ways
>at the same time, and that the western Manirians including the Mraloti were
>subject to the Lifebringer (i.e. theist) methods during the Dawn Age. The
>Ramali are mentioned as one of the Entruli tribes.

But the Mraloti aren't in Maniria at this time. According to the Broken Council Map (p12), they live beyond the Pralori and east of the Basmoli (in what is now modern Daran). Only after the Chaos War and some unknown time before the Sinking of Slontos did they move to Ramalia.

>The hinterland Wenelians and the Mraloti both were subject to Pralori
>ravages and received First Council aid and influences.

Not the Mraloti. According to BCG p19, they (both Pralori and Mraloti) were allied with the Vustrians and nothing is said about either turning up to the Council after Zebrawood.

>Somehow I am astonished that the idea of a similarity between Orlanth
>the Boar and Mralot due to the conversion efforts of the Lifebringer
>missionaries should cause so much headache.

Because the idea is wrong. The Wenelians worshipped Orlanth the Boar _long_ before the Dawn and had no need of missionaries to tell them about Orlanth. What the missionaries did impart was the "word of safety and light" (Uz Lore p12) or "the Doctrine of Peace and Co-operation of the Council" (BCG p4).

>I don't postulate any extant theist Mraloti. I do postulate that whatever
>theist Mraloti there were now are called Wenelians,

But postulating theist Mraloti at any time is an error. The Mraloti are and have always been animists.

>I never said there were no Mraloti Hsunchen in Maniria.

You did state that neither Shannon's article on the Kingdom of Night nor the Broken Council Guidebook (erroneously as it turns out) mentions Mraloti but just mentions the Entruli of whom the Ramalians are a part. What you intended to imply was unclear but a denial of the existence of Mraloti was a plausible construction.

>Are there Mraloti Hsunchen in Wenelia?

None significant.

>How is the rivalry between Boar Orlanth and the Mraloti deity where
>Mraloti and Wenelian Orlanthi have contact?

Do they have contact? The Mraloti now live in Ramalia which is isolated from the rest of Wenelian-infested Maniria by the New Fens. What has become of the original Ramalians is a good question but there are no significant populations of Orlanthi in Ramalia according to the Player's Book Genertela.

>Much as Peter is uncomfortable in having un-boarish chiefs or
>lawspeakers among the Wenelians,

I don't see how Joerg infers this. I simply said that Orlanth the Boar should have a far greater impact on the Wenelians than the subcult he suggested.

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