Re: The Glorantha Digest V8 #330

From: Martin Dick <>
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 17:28:01 +1000

> Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 17:35:28 -0600
> From: Peter Larsen <>
> Subject: We all leria for Uleria
> Martin Dick says to
> me:
> >> Far be it from me to interpret Mr. Metcalfe (he can do
> that for
> himself),
> >> but I think the point here is that Uleria is not (or is not
> seen by the
> >> Heortlings to be) a force of community. She is harmony, but
> that's within
> >> one person or perhaps between two people, not on the level of
> community.>
> >Not quite the interpretation I get from Anaxial's Roster
> Anaxial's Roster is quite a bit more global than Heortling
> theology.

The myth is specifically referred to as an Orlanthi myth, now maybe it's not a myth in Sartar, but given past material it seems probable it is. As well, nothing indicates that Tinta are not to be found in Dragon Pass, the opposite in fact (distribution is worldwide (rare)).

> >It would seem likely to me that it's a case where Orlanthi differ
> >quite a lot and a clan's relationship with Uleria would probably
> >depend upon the clan's myths of how Uleria and Ernalda interacted
> >in the God Time. Some would see her as a demon, some as positive
> >influence, some as neither.
> Maybe, I suppose. But it's been fairly hashed out on this list
> thatthere's precious little economic or social support for modern-
> style(Western, urban) prostitution amoung the Orlanthi. I don't
> see why she
> should be worshipped in Sartar any more than any other foreign
> god. I can't
> say for sure what the position of Uleria is, but it doesn't look
> very good.

As I said, it would depend upon the myths of Ernalda and Uleria, maybe Uleria taught Ernalda the secrets of love making, maybe Ernalda stole the secrets of community from Uleria, maybe Ernalda encompasses Uleria's community magic by enfolding her within the Great Goddess as an aspect, i,e the Ernaldan equivalent of Niskis the Lover (can't see any sexual feats in the Ernaldan subcults except for Arouse Husband in Mahome the Hearthwife which is hardly the same). Given how many Husband-Protectors she has, I'm sure that it's not only for her vast tracts of land. Others might have myths about the terrible demon who tried to destroy the love between Orlanth and Ernalda and how Ernalda used her magics to defeat her.

Lots of different possibilities, but in a society which says nobody can make you do anything and has a darkness worshipping tribe of Orlanthi (the Torkani), having the ancient goddess of Love as a small part of the 15% doesn't seem like a big ask.

Sure, we should probably be looking beyond Uleria in heortling culture being just western style prostitution. It always has been in the games I've played. Sacred prostitution is a very different matter to what happens on street corners of a modern city. So her role is probably different in some ways to that in some of the old material, doesn't mean Uleria should be totally thrown out of Heortling culture on the basis of one line in Thunder Rebels. A line in the Matchmaker sub-cult and one only has to look at the stereotypical portrayal of matchmakers throughout history to realise the potential for bias in this description.


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