From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_bigfoot.com>
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2001 17:01:06 +1200

Olli Kantola:

>Worshipping Uleria is accepted in cities and IF Uleria would be thought as
>demonic, then your average Heortling (not you) would lump citizens into a
>single bunch (of demon worshipping folks, evil, bad people).

No, he wouldn't because very few Boldhomers worship Uleria whereas the Torkani all worship Darkness.

> > FYI the 15% non-conformers do not all live in cities but are found
> > in the Sartarite countryside. And 0.5% divided by 15% is only 3%
> > rather than 33% that you claimed (and how does 33% become "nearly
> > the rest"?).

>Although this is rather tedious, I'm not willing to admit that I was
>wrong in a simple calculation.

Y'know you could have used the time you wasted in typing out the tedious paragraph to actually check your figures.

>10% of ALL Sartarites live in cities. 5% of them worship Uleria (from
>time to time)

Thus for every hundred Sartarites, ten live in the cities and half a citizen worships Uleria.

>As the rest is 15% of all citizens, then 5% of citizens is 33,333...%
>of the rest.

So for every hundred Sartarites, fifteen are in "the rest" and five citizens (33.3% is a third) worships Uleria? Since five citizens does not equal half a citizen, the only conclusion is that you've ballsed up your numbers as I said you did.

>Uleria is from a time when there weren't any difference between the 4
>worlds, but I'm sure that her follewers from theistic cultures use
>theistic magic. I didn't say that they have the same powers as Tilntae,
>but powers like Tilntae.

But if the Tilntae _have_ to use sorcery to manifest a certain effect, then how can theistic worshippers to do the same thing?

>As I don't believe that Uleria is a demon, so I'm unconvinced that
>Heortlings have any reason to believe her to be such.

It's not whether Uleria is a demon, it's whether the Heortlings _believe_ she is and TR p192 indicates that they do.

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