Re: The Glorantha Digest V8 #345

Date: Tue Apr 3 15:26:26 2001

Carl wrote:

> I mean, a while back someone (MOB?)...

I doubt it! MOB, and Shargash... not much overlap.

>So it's weird to me.


Andrew asked:

>> From: (Brian Kondalski)
>> Subject: Digest Archives / Searching
>> They have recently moved to a new hosting site
>> which should have more bandwidth.

> What is the new address, please?

Same as the old one, I imagine. Or Brian would have told us it had changed. Try this:

FWIW (and in a semi-related way): if any of you have bookmarks for my website, please amend them to read ""; if you have my email in your address book, please amend it to "". I'm changing ISPs shortly and would hate to lose any of you in the old switcheroonie.

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Guy and Trotsky asked:

>> Isn't there supposed to be a small area covered by
>> the Ban in the heart of the Kingdom of War, that will
>> be the key to its destruction if the KoW does not
>> find out about it?

> There is (rumoured to be) such a region, but its not
> under the Ban AFAIK

It's an urban legend spread by myself and Sandy -- deep within the Kingdom of War is a Banned-off area which could become the seed of the New Glorantha.

See, the KoW expands like ringworm, killing everything it contains. But it couldn't get to that one bit: an Edenlike  "Happy Valley" somewhere near its heart. And when your PCs get there, they have to live with the knowledge that *they* opened it up to the outside world; *they* are to blame if the forces of War make desolate and destroy this unspoiled land at its heart; *they* could have killed the last, best hope for Glorantha's future.

That's how it "defeats the KoW", BTW -- by surviving, and living, and growing, even at its heart.

Keith wrote:

> [Ernalda] is very powerful. She makes the storm go
> round and the earth lie flat.
> Look at Maran Gor who does not embrace Love.

Yur, but the earth moves for her. Frequently.

Cheers, Nick

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