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Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 19:12:57 -0700

"Terra Incognita" wrote:

> "Baal means "King"

I think more generically it means "lord."

> Christ means "Messiah". What is Messiah? I
> should hear Bach "Messiah".

Literal meaning is "the anointed," and I think the composer you're after is Handel.

> Heroes of Glorantha
> These are perfectly selected from my personal preference and bent to
> Esoteric Topic.

I'm trying to keep the page limited to what I consider heroes -- some on your list seem more like political leaders, or full-fledged deities.

> Worship? of Arachne Solara:
> In Older Version Prosopaedia, Arachne Solara Worship is Worldwide, but I
> cannot find her existence except Lunars (Deezola, Redline History Dish
> Picture), Orlanthi (Lightbringer's Quest) and Trolls (Cousin of Aranea and
> Clagspider?).
> Is there any other who knows "Spider Goddess"?

At one time it was said that she was only directly worshipped in Beast Valley (in bloody rites).

I think in general she's too powerful and remote to be worshipped.

Peter Metcalfe

> >I have no idea what the lascerdans believed.
> River Gods.
> "The [Lord of the World's Knowledge]'s lowland holdings
> were flooded and drowned as the revengeful river gods of
> the extinct lascerdans rose for the last time [...]"

Thanks, I'd forgotten that part. It still doesn't really tell us much - -- the Dara Hapans have river gods too, but theirs is not a Water pantheon. However, Sandy Petersen once wrote "Note however that the Lascerdans and the extinct merfolk were related very closely in some way."

Still, the lascerdans also practiced a form of slash-and-burn agriculture, and they may well have worshipped a fire god as well (like the modern Umathelan Dorgalat, IMG at least -- the God Learners would call him Tolat), and the Mother of Manatees (a hypothetical Uralda/Eiritha figure for their herds).

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