Pentan Horse Clan Example (2)

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>Date: Sat, 12 May 2001 12:06:29 +1200
>From: Peter Metcalfe <>
>Subject: Grazers and horse mythology

>Terra Incognita:

>>IMHO many tried and failed to clarify Grazer's Nature from the angle of
>>Connection to Horse. Wyrms Footprint and King of Sartar mentioned their
>>connection to Centaurs in Dragonpass, but perhaps they are reorganized
>>Mythology like Elmal and Yelmalio Business.

>The Grazers are descended from both Centaurs and Pure Horse People.
>What happened was that after getting kicked out of Prax, the Grazers
>became adopted by the Beast People _and_ adopted some separated
>Pain Centaurs (who quickly became the leaders because they were young,
>virile, and magically powerful and also because the other people were
>children, crippled warriors and old people). So the Grazers have two
>mythologies of their origins: one told by the leaders and one told
>by everybody else.

I think so, too. (Is this Idea coming from me?) But IMHO there is problem how Pentans comprehend their Betrayal against Traditional Way, and they don't have neighborhood such Centaurs. So they required another set of mythology which fit (and justified) form of their Modern Style.

>>Horse People Mythology in Pent is greatly obscured by
>>many publications after Good Old Day Setup of 2nd Edition RQ Glorantha.

>The first portion of the description of Pentan History in the
>Glorantha: Intro p173-174 is straight from RQ2.

In very Simplified Form, We know Kargzant went to Monsterland, and he hadn't returned back from there.
Because they think End of World is Peloria and Kralorela, never know Sea and Ocean. They maybe don't understand Yelmic Myth "Travel to Underworld". Kargzant went to Monsterland for Destroying the Source of Monsters. Maybe he didn't die as Christ of Nestrians.

And as Stellar, Kargzant is coming back to world from a Eye of Enemy, Dara Happans (GROY)
>>But where did [Hyalor] live?

>AFAIK Hyalor lived in Pent during the early struggles of the Gods
>War. All other appearances of Horse Peoples postdate this event
>and their appearances in diverse places can be seen in the terms
>of migration during those dark and troubled times.

Perhaps as Daxdarius of Pelanda or Manimat of Darjiin, Hyalor maybe was Name of Dynasty.

>>Ancestor of Hyalor was called Yamsur who abandoned his Riding Beast,
>>hippogriff, daughter of King Gryphin.

>Careful now. Yamsur is not mentioned among the Grazer Gods in KoS.
>Since the only specific mention of him is in Prax (he fights for
>Genert according to Glorantha: Intro p16), it's probable that he
>is an extinct deity of the Greatlands. If so, the Pure Horse People
>would have claimed a fictitious descent from Yamsur when they lived
>in Prax so they could fit in the mythic landscape. But the Pentans,
>the CharUn and the Grazers do not acknowledge the relationship because
>they have no need for it.

I remember several times I persistently commented about this topic. Maybe I merely try
to salvage older fragments to fit these mishmash with unnecessary effort.

Vadrus "That woman think and teach only Mistake, I never hear her saying, again."

Map of Broken Council Guidebook is quite Incorrect for 1st Age Reference, they used 3rd Age Maps as Gazetter.

I think former names are orlanthi Names for Enemy Gods, Latter is Original Name about them.

Deloradella=Kyger Litor (Darktongue?)
Jagrekriand=Shargash (Dara Happan)
Nontraya=Argan Argar?

Can you add or correct this list?

 Death Bed of King Suleiman (Solomon)

King Solomon was in the Death Bed, though he well knew his kingdom in the process to Disintegration and his unworthy son Rehoboam was not qualified for this task, he don't take any action even in the situation to confront his all working into the Collapse. He still could order and control all his subjects who well knowing his wisdom without moving his finger, but he don't have intention to do so, Only his eye still sparkled and waited someone visit him before Death.

And it came before his bed as Image of Burning Turf, like once he appeared before Moses.

"Solomon, why you betrayed me? I never wanted to punish you."

"In contrary, was it you who betrayed me? My Master. You promised me Wisdom which could bestow me the ability to distinguish Good and Evil."

"I think you got such Wisdom."

"Please Consider about why I wanted such Privilege so stubbornly, I thought it would bestow me the Wisdom of Heaven which lead me to your Palace of Heaven, but you only give me a Leftover which connected to merely a Craftiness of Earth. So it only leads me Despair and Self-Destruction."

"Do you really think such Destiny linked to Wisdom and Knowledge of Human? No, that is blessing under the Name of "Faith". You remember why your ancestor Adam expelled from Source of Four Rivers."

"If so, why Angels taught me Secret of Kabbalah and Zohar? I remember Two Trees existed in Garden of Eden, Tree of Wisdom and Eternal Life. But why my Wisdom betrayed me in the Meaning of "There is No New Thing under the Sun?""

"You learned many things about beyond Human Power, so you are now called Master of Demons and Baal-zebub (zebul). But you know you are in the Lies which you created of yourself for Deceiving youself and your People. Your Father David also fell from Righteous Way for Another Reason."

"Maybe that is Also a Fatal Error to creat Errors for Understanding Errors....My Wives keeo worshiping their Various Homeland Goddesses, Milkom, Astarte, Baalat, Isis....I can't say them to try to stop it. Even you may removed Ten from Twelve of My Kingdom from My Son...I know there is No New thing under the Sun...Why I should reconsider about such Foolish Things?"

"Please, leave me alone. I control various Trade with Delicate Skill of Negotiation...and swam among Greater Kingdoms, Assyria, Babylonia, Egypt, Crete...your Wisdom taught me to dirty intercourse their Pagan Goddesses for

Peace, and now you want to Punish me for Crime of this Hollowness. See my Old Age, and bygone after drop me to Valley of Hinnom."

God didn't try to answer him, he left.
Or once he seems to have been defeated by Hand of Israel-Jacob, he wanted to argue with him in the Heaven. But now, all things was done. Solomon sighed and fell into Depth of Hypnos.

End of Tale

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