Re: From Japanese GTA Questions

From: Mark Galeotti <>
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 08:29:51 +0100

Terra posed all sorts of interesting questions and got all sorts of interesting answers. Just for the record, though, I don;t think Unspoken Word 1 really presents the Lunar Empire as Roman. Sure, there's the cosmetic stuff like togas and amphitheatres, which is already canonical, but as Greg says, the key point is that the empire is so comfortable with variety. Tarsh is Tarsh. There is a veneer of 'lunarisation' (which is often 'Dara Happanisation' - certainly Moirades has a DH concept of rule that he is trying to impose), but essentially this is a land whose style of rule, culture and organisation is for its own rulers to define. As the regimental list shows, there are certainly no standardised legionaries tramping in ordered lines. There is no central code of laws except insofar as Lunar worshippers may choose to appeal to a Lunar judex (if they can find one in Tarsh!).

If anything, my prsonal view is that Tarsh itself is much more Roman *than the Empire*, if one looks at early Rome of the just-post-republican age, with a layering of ancient animism (Etruscans), republican/democratic tendencies Republicanism) and new autocracy (Caesar), all infused with a warlike vigour and the wealth to do something about it...


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