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<< EWF aka Empire of Wyrm's Friend (North)>>

Although EWF would seem to be a mystic practice I think they had a certain connection with the Korgatsu animist tradition, Orlanthi theist sacrifice (Orlanth Dragonfriend) and certain types of impersonal sorcery (Delecti, City of 1000 Magicians) . I might suggest, if pushed, that the Third Council, being more aggressive and Imperialist than the previous Collective was dominated by Theists, rather than mystics who would retreat from the entanglements of Empire. (note that Zorak Zoran was a popular war god, that the Council included significant parts of Theist Peloria.

<< Middle Sea Empire, Jrustela Empire (West)>>

Clearly ruled by the Malkioni worldview, but with a wide range of peculiar interpretations including Zabandan (however that works), demonology, theomancy, zistorism, and including theist cults of any utility; Issaries, Lhankhor Mhy, Caladra, Aurelion. If you include the New Dragon Ring as an offshoot of the MSE then it also includes mystics.

<< Mokatan East Sea Empire (East)>>

I guess the god of the Mokatans was worshipped in a sacrificial manner, government would be carried out by his functionaries, although there would be mystic sages among the population, they would not really be part of the government.

  Errinoru Lynersian Jungle Council (South) >>

Bah! Elves! Yuck!

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