Kiss of the Whip

From: John Hughes <>
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 09:25:37 -0700

Whips were the first implements that allowed humans to break the sound barrier. For their ability to imitate thundercracks alone I'd incorporate them among Heortling ritual paraphenalia, along with bull roarers and thunder drums.

In Australia, a skilled drover can use a whip to take the head off a snake. As an Earth-related animal, Heortlings usually have a relaxed and friendly relationship with snakes, but a whip would be a relatively safe way of dealing with chaos-snakes.

John John Hughes

There was many a corpse cold on blackened ground;
>From warriors ravens grew red

And the Kheldon Queen called clans to vengeance, Hurricane Rebels! - I sing to their valour.

Until I am old and ailing,
waiting for the final journey,
I shall not be true to the winds
if I do not praise Kallyr.

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