origins of the Star seers

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 20:23:08 +1300

Jerome Blondel:

>Furthermore, the Pentans likely adopted the goat even before
>the horse (GRoY p84). So why would they have separated from that
>useful animal?

The People mentioned on GRAY p84 are not Pentans but descended from a fusion of Zarkosite goat herders and the Kalrius (Pentans). At the time they moved into Yuthuppa, the Targos had both horses and goats.

> >I think Buserian's frame was dragged by horses rather than
> >by foot (the text doesn't say who dragged it). I interpret
> >the arrival of the Starseers to Yuthuppa as being the same
> >event as the Targos tribe moving into the lands around Yuthuppa.

>That's very possible but i'm not sure. Wouldn't the Targos tribe
>ride their horses, true Kargzanti as they were?

There's nothing to prevent True Kargzanti from using wagons.

>Clearly all Pentans were Starlight Wanderers and got help from the
>stars during the Long Night (as they frequently went to the sky world
>during their golden age),

I do not believe all Pentans were Starlight Wanderers. All I've stated is that a tribe of Pentans became fused with Zarkosites to become the Starlight Ancestors. Most Pentans were unchanged by this event, then and now.

Secondly, the Star Gazers are only a subset of the Targos (in the same way that the Kolati are a subset of the Heortlings).

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