Lightbringers - Seven Mothers

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 14:08:42 +1300


>as i recall, there was some speculation in the past that the quest the 7
>Mothers completed was a version of the LightBringers Quest...assuming this
>is so, who corresponds to who in each version of the quest? I was mostly
>wondering about Eurmal, but knowing the others would be interesting too.

The best speculation is:

Orlanth         Yanafal Tarnils         Danfive Xaron
Issaries                Deezola
Lhankor Mhy             Irrippi Ontor           Irrippi Ontor
Chalana Arroy           Teelo Norri             Deezola
Flesh Man               Jakaleel the Witch
Eurmal                  Danfive Xaron           Yanafal Tarnils
Ginna Jar               She-Who-Waits           She-Who-Waits

                         My thinking             RQ-Con musings

It was suggested at the RQ-Con that Yanafal had the role of trickster because he conquered death and defied the rules and that Danfive had Orlanth's role because he was a murderer and a thief. I think my parallels fit better but are not perfect (c.f. Deezola as Issaries).

>since HQs are easier with a eurmali involved, did the 7Mothers have a more
>difficult time or did someone fill that role adequetely?

Only Orlanthi quests are easier with Eurmali.

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