Kingship of DP

Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 17:54:11 EST

Ian Cooper

> Also note thought that Sorana Tor is an incarnation of
> Ana Gor, so the temple needed inhabitants, despite the
> Dragonkill. Whether they were there all the time, or
> arrived before Arim, remains a mystery.

I don't know whether having an incarnation of Ana Gor on the spot requires human sacrificees. Maybe she was there because she knew Arim would sacrifice her someone. Perhaps his own people reopened the Temple later. Remember she's been here since GF Mortal's death.

> Note also that the temple is also called Maranaba on
> some modern maps.

That's my favourite name for it.

> As does its connection with Dragons, one of whose roads ends
> there, and who might have a say in who becomes King of Dragon
> Pass.

Storm Tribe says Kero Fin is the key to the Dragon Pass Sovereignty thing, so i'm sure all the rest is related: Lady of the Wild, Sorana Tor, Feather Horse Queen, and even the Queen of Holay, somewhat later, provided it's an earth-related power. One thing seems to be certain too: the Inhuman King plays a role. He's there everytime someone is enthroned (or) crowned KODP. I like the idea, given here a while earlier, that Kero Fin is actually a dragon.

> Perhaps more intriguingly Holay seems to have
> sacrificial kinghsip rights which are similar to
> those of Sorana Tor, and Queen Inkarne will be raised
> in the temple.

I think the sacrificial rites are the consequence of her raising in the temple. Like the first FHQ, see KoS. However it's possible that the Queen of Holay has human sacrifices of her own.

> I might suggest that in the Hero Wars Inkarne
> will incarnate Sorana Tor, and Argrath's marriage to
> her provides magical sovereignity over Dragon Pass
> and Saird - but it is fairly wild speculation.

Not so wild. I fairly agree FWIW.


End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #657

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