Re: Hello, and a bidding question

From: W. Quadros <wquadros_at_...>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 17:51:57 -0800


> So, to my question (hoping that some of the play testers read this):
If I
> were to bid 10 AP and my opponent bids 15 AP and the result is a minor
> victory for me (loser forfeits x1) how much AP does he lose? 15 or
> 25 (just what he bids, or the total of his and my bidding)? What if i
> Transfer x1. Does he lose 25 AP while I gain 15?

All results apply to your own bid. If your opponent forfeits x1 and he bid 15 then he loses 15 AP. If the result was that he transfers x1 then he gives you 15 AP.

> Oh, yeah. Anyone who know more about how HW handles sorcery and

Get back to me later. We are studying this right now for our book "She Guards Us"

Wesley Quadros

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