Re: HW-rules list question

From: Steve Lieb <styopa_at_...>
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 07:42:45 -0800

"hibbs, philip" <philip.hibb-_at_...> wrote:
> There's got to be a shakeup in the next few weeks, when Issaries,
Inc. start up
> the official lists. I'd leave it until then, and decide at that
> whether this list is still needed, and what the best location for it

Probably the best suggestion. (AFAIBT, this IS the official list...)

So we'll just table it for now.
I'll re-raise the issue after we all have our grubby paws on the released rules.

(The very valid point about email was raised anyway - I like vicinties but I've looked through their site and it DOES appear to be purely web-based. Too many people have access only through email to make that a good option.)

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