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> The question I have for would be players of HW is less rulesy and more
> play orientated, is what do they want to see from the source books,
> what as players would really yank their chains?

With the new focus on communities as opposed to independent adventurers, I'd like to see some examples of communities, as well as suggestions on how to use those communities in play. (Admittedly, there are some examples floating around, such as the Orlanthi clans in the second Ye Booke of Tentacles. And I haven't seen the "Relationships" chapter of the HW rules.) The clan questionnaire approach (which I also haven't seen, except for the foretaste in KoDP) seems like it would work well for not only Orlanthi but Praxians, Hsunchen, and Doraddi, and maybe even trolls as well. I'm less sure what to do with Lunar or other urban societies, or elves or dwarfs, as they might not have the same kinds of social connections. In RQ terms, I have the most trouble with the civilized societies. Primitives, nomads, and barbarians are easier.

I'll be running a one-player game when HW comes out, so I suspect having well-developed communities and NPCs will be crucial. My preference is not to go the "wandering lone adventurer" route.


BTW, if you subscribe to Steve Jackson Games' online magazine Pyramid, John Wick has an interesting column this week about enlisting players' help in populating communities. Nothing revolutionary, but Wick does suggest a few techniques that might lend themselves to HW.

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