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From: Steve Lieb <styopa_at_...>
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 11:06:08 -0800

Here's the list of questions I've found in the HW system. Any comments or answers would be appreciated (apologies to those who haven't seen the rules yet, but hopefully this will end up as an FAQ for everyone's benefit) :
  1. Resistances: the resistances are stated in terms of (for example) 18w2, but later in the magic section under the extending magic section, it talks about resistances as +80 or +100. Is this equal to 20w3 or 20w4 respectively? Later it also talks about resistances of "D+40" what does that mean (magical world, p11 for example)?
  2. in terms of simple contests, it says that in cases where there's a tie in success levels, the low roll wins? If you have someone skill 4 vs someone skill 8w, and the 4 rolls a 4 (success) and the 8w rolls a 9 (=fail, bumped to success by mastery) that means the skill 4 WINS? That seems really goofy - in this case, the 4 only marginally made it, while the 8w succeeded by quite a ways from failing? In this case, there's no useful difference between a low mastery (say 1w or 3w) vs. a high nonmaster (16 or 18) since, the master will RARELY make their skill roll, and the nonmaster usually will. Since then it's based on the raw roll, then the mastery of the master is functionally irrelevant.
  3. it seems some of these "world numbers" start to get w-inflated. A 6' leap is 5w? Egad - since I think typically a 6th grader can jump 6' from a standing broad jump and typically adults jump around 9' or so. And a dryad or nymph is 10w2, meaning that a normal person has utterly NO chance of resisting them? Yikes.

Thats it for now...

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