Re: found them: the questions - LONG

From: David Cake <dave_at_...>
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 15:40:32 +0800

>1) Resistances: the resistances are stated in terms of (for example)
>18w2, but later in the magic section under the extending magic section,
>it talks about resistances as +80 or +100. Is this equal to 20w3 or
>20w4 respectively? Later it also talks about resistances of "D+40"
>what does that mean (magical world, p11 for example)?

        Yes. This is an editing mistake, it was changed from the earlier format to the later as an editorial decision. D + 40 means the difficulty is 40 (or two orders of magnitude) higher - ie its a modifier to the original difficulty, not a difficulty per se.

>3) it seems some of these "world numbers" start to get w-inflated. A
>6' leap is 5w? Egad - since I think typically a 6th grader can jump 6'
>from a standing broad jump and typically adults jump around 9' or so.
>And a dryad or nymph is 10w2, meaning that a normal person has utterly
>NO chance of resisting them? Yikes.

        Yes, some of these world numbers are probably rubbish. A persistent problem in playtest discussion was inflated numbers and getting people to agree on scale.


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