Re: Creating (not rolling) HW characters

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 16:12:25 -0500

Timothy Byrd wrote:
> Thanks for the reply, Jeff. This is helping me clue in. Looking at
> the brief ruleset on the Issaries site I was a bit nonplussed.

They are abreviated and short. They are, afterall, NOT the full game but a taste of it.  

> > Lamia Magic Affinity 8W (Hypnotize, Lust, Drain Magic being feats)
> > Anything like Diease might be from Malia Initiation (Disease
> affinity)or
> > the like.
> Now I must ask - what is a "feat"?

A feat is a particular kind of magical act with a magical affinity -- similar to a specialized combat skill (eg, each of the Humakti Magic Affinities (Combat, Death, Honour) have specialized Humatki type feats. Orlanth and Zorak Zoran, who also have Combat as their Affinity would have entirely different feats. But, frankly, I do not think that I will go into that here. Check the Hero wars information on the Glorantha site and read it, please? It should answer the majority of your questions.  

> One other question. How are these initial levels determined. Why the
> "13"s and "17"s in Steve's character? Why not 14 or 16? It there a
> table matching number to specific (level of) adjective?
> -- Tim

Sigh. These are the default levels. Yes, there ARE tables, yes, as I think has been mentioned before. Specific keywords have specific levels of skills.


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