Re: Some questions

From: W. Quadros <wquadros_at_...>
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 15:28:34 -0800

tadaaki kakegawa <> wrote:
> 1) How powerful Ability is? --- for example, one of Issaries trader
> tried to convince Humakti to withdraw from undead by using his
Lie 10w
> ability. Rules says penalty would be -1 to -10, but it is easy to
> win a contest by 10w ability with -10 penalty. But it is not
> humakti agree such a thing. How should I resolve it?

Go with Jeff. :-) If the PCs still cannot figure it out (we once had a large argument over sneaking around a village or through it and ended up trying to intimidate, seduce and threaten our Vingan) then you would use a contest between the two relevant skills. In this case the Issaries' Lie and the Humakti's Honour(?).

> 2) Feat --- what is difference between Divine Magic in RQ and Feat in
> HW? Feat is instant magic like Divine Magic, or need ritual and
> some time?
> And players must determine effect of feats by themselves? For
> example, rules has no explanation for what Truesword Stroke is
> So we determine that it double stake in next exchange if he wins.
> should it be simple augmentation, as rules say "Basically Feats
> augmentation" etc. ?

Some feats are rituals. This comes down to YGMV. In our game my Stormvoice's feat "Call Tornado" is a ritual as is "Start Thunderstorm" and "Call Clouds".


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