Re: Actual Rules Question!

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2000 14:52:06 -0500

Steve Lieb wrote:
> > How do you handle it when one side has missles and some of another
> does
> > not?
> I don't think the penalties that you suggested are that bad, I mean
> that's a pretty bad handicap - I have a sword, you have a bow. How
> much good is my sword going to do me? Nothing, unless I can be scary
> enough and fast enough to make you think I might get close enough to
> whack you with it, and maybe spoil your aim?

I'm thinking about hidiing behind my shield when the arrows fly.

> > Also, I'm tired of the biggest fighter on the PC side 'powering up' by
> > eating the trollkin (or minor bandits or whatever). Players are
> starting
> > to call them 'popcorn.' The only solution I have is to invoke the
> > leader fighting with followers rule to make the PC fight the group at
> a
> > multiple opponents penalty.
> I thought about this when someone mentioned about "the guy who just
> killed the rest of your clan warriors and has blood up to his shoulders
> and 125 AP"
> I know this would be a MAJOR rules change, but is it that inconceivable
> that we cap people at their starting AP as the MOST they can have at
> the end of a contest? So effectively winning AP from the other guy
> doesn't really "help" you (for the NEXT contest)? You could possibly
> allow them to range freely up the AP scale WITHIN that single contest,
> but when they restart, it resets to the cap.

Nah. I'd use 2x. Afterall, that's reasonable. And, of course, when that extended contest is OVER, all the extra AP go away. Many skirmishes in a big battle.  

> I'm still having trouble getting my brain around why a guy who's just
> fought his way through a band of carls should be multiple TIMES more
> effective afterward than before?

He's pumped, breahing hard and has the battle light in his eyes.

Oh, I can see it. I've even, on rare occasions, been it.


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