Gregged again! Cragspider this time....

From: Michael Cule <mikec_at_...>
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 20:32:59 +0000

On the Hero Wars mailing list (I'm copying this to the Glorantha Digest) W. Quadros <wquadros_at_...> writes
>michael cule <mike-_at_...> wrote:
>> >Cragspider is a demi-god. She is not a hero.
>> She is of mortal origin. (I'm willing to be corrected but I'm sure
>> she started out as a dark troll.) By the definitions I used in my
>> original post, that makes her a Hero.
>From what I have read she started as a Great Darkness Spirit. She was
>worshipped by several troll tribes. One of her prefered forms was the
>spider and many of the tribes began to worship her as the spider. Thus
>she got stuck in that form because of the worship she was receiving.

He's done it to me again...

>From UZ LORE: Book two of Trollpak.


The trolls lost strength after the Gbaji wars which could not be replaced except through the greatest efforts. In the whole of the five centuries only one troll came close to making that effort, though hundreds of them heroquested to try for it. That one was Cragspider, a dark troll who started in the spider cult and worked her way to deity.

Well, bugger it! In my Glorantha she's a Hero. It's more glorious that way.

Michael Cule

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