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From: Theo Posselt <tposselt_at_...>
Date: 02 Mar 2000 14:52:34 -0600

     Jeff Kyer says:

> Saints give powers and abilities and protections.

> Totems and spirits give a different set of abilities.
> I think that the game reflects Glorantha MUCH better, especially the
> Animist rules.
Sorry, I should have been clearer. I meant to reference this question to Theistic cultures - obviously there's reasons why people are animists, mystics, etc.
> If you inspect the Culture Keywords, there is a Lay Worshiper
> skill/ability: It is called 'Woship X Pantheon' that provides a
> basic 'in' to all your native gods or saints. It means you can go
> to church without looking stupid or commiting a vile act.

> Initiation takes time and effort to support the god. Thus you can
> only really serve 2-3 before you get into trouble with conflicting
> schedules. Subcults, of course, don't really take up much time.
Right, I realize there's a Lay Worshipper keyword. I don't have the document in front of me, but I don't remember there being any tangible/magical benefits associated with it. Basically, I was suggesting one mechanism for dealing with the positive effects of being a Lay Worshipper of a Pantheon.
> Its an interesting thought. I'd prefer to let you use similar feats
> within shared Afinities.
Hmm... I'm not sure if I understand this. Could you elaborate, maybe give a concrete example for a pantheon?
> Otherwise, I can see this being subject to
> TREMENDOUS abuse. In fact, when I tried something similar it was
> *brutally* abused.
Agreed... Another mechanism that could be tried would be to have higher levels of dedication to a pantheon - Initiate of (Pantheon), Devotee of (Pantheon), with Affinities and Feats written up for the pantheon. It's a bit more work, though. Theo

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