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From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 10:05:27 -0800

> I have a few questions, mostly trivial. One of which is this -- are the
> Humakti Geases stackable? They seem fairly obnoxious if they are,
> especially if one uses a slower PendragonPass-ish passage of time (a few
> adventures a year). The differnece between a % based system and an AP
> based system can be dramatic in this instance.

We don't specify. We may, in future products, make rulings on portions of the rules that are currently unclear.

However, personally, as a narrator, I wouldn't let a player do it.

> Also, in the new Heortling Keywords, there was no Urox? He being saved
> for later?

he was a wierd case - in RQ he was both a Praxian and a Sartarite/Heortling god. With the split into Animist and Theist methods of worship, we decided to let him wait while we figure out who and what he is. He may be one being known to both cultures but worshipped incorrectly by one of them, he may be one being that is worshipped correctly by both cultures, or he may be two beings (one a god, one a spirit) that is just really similar in the two cultures. Untile we (the Issaries crew) figure out exactly what he is, we didn't want to "prejudice" the issue and then be accused of having gregged ourselves in the next product that featured him.

> If Initiates cannot buy the feats of their god but can get the feats of
> a subcult, that seems... wierd, especially if one treats something like
> Hedkoranth as a Subcult of Orlanth. Or is Orlanth Adventurous considered
> a subcult as well? I admit, it seemed simple until I started thinking
> about the matter....

Orlanth is a Great God. Great gods can't be worshipped as a whole entity (well, they can, but you get less in the short run, and out of the game in the long run). Orlanth Adventurous is an Aspect of Orlanth - a bit of the great God that people can get their minds around. Aspects are about the same "level" as the gods of a pantheon. The "role" of aspects and gods can be described in one or two words - Humakt is the god of Death (or Death and Truth), O. Adventurous is the god of Adventurers (or warriors), etc. If you get more than a couple words of "role", you are probably looking at a great god. (Orlanth is the god of storms, and the air, and wind, and warriors, and kings...). Subcults worship smaller gods or larger heros (the line between the two is tenuous, at best). These beings don't have a lot of powers that they can give their followers (while we included three affinities for gods & aspects, and only one for heros & subgods, there is no reason you can't give them more or less), but they are more easily approached than a god or aspect.

Hedkoranth (& most of the other Thunder Brothers) is a subcult of O. Adventurous


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