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Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 09:06:22 -0800

Richard replied to me:

> on the one hand you're saying
> the two should be equally matched, whereas on the other you're saying you
> would change the balance by using improvisation penalties

What the game really boils down to is context. I think there are plenty of contexts where witty repartee could indeed shame a troll in to slinking home to his mommy (what if he were shamed in front of a bunch of females?). There are plenty of other contexts (such as a berserk troll) where witty repartee would be at a serious disadvantage.

It's up to the player to use the appropriate skill in the right context, and to come up with clever ways that the skill is applicable (the description of the action).

> Unless you're just saying that you only penalise Witty Repartee because the
> troll is beserk - i.e. if the troll was cool, calm, collected, though still
> keen to dispatch you with his axe, you would make it an even contest (no
> penalties to either side).

It would depend on the context. There could even be situations where witty repartee had a bonus (for example, there may only be one troll, but Onslaught and Harrek are standing with Oscar).

Michael Cule

> And if you kick someone lying groaning on the floor and make a mess of
> it he gets back up and fights you again. ("I kick him in the balls and
> he gets better?")

A better way to describe this:

"I kick him in the balls." [I.e. "I try to kick him in the balls."]

"Somehow he grabs your foot and twists, knocking you to the ground. He staggers to his feet and stands over you with fire in his eyes."

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