Re: ability use

From: Richard Develyn <Richard.Develyn_at_...>
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 18:19:58 -0000

From: David Dunham [mailto:david_at_...]

>What the game really boils down to is context. I think there are
>plenty of contexts where witty repartee could indeed shame a troll in
>to slinking home to his mommy (what if he were shamed in front of a
>bunch of females?). There are plenty of other contexts (such as a
>berserk troll) where witty repartee would be at a serious

Indeed, though I think I would be generous in the general Heroic context.

The beserk troll I would give a +10 advantage so that a heroic Trickster (with just half a level of mastery higher) has an even change to talk him out of it. And why not? After all, didn't they shoot Robespierre through the jaw because they were worried he could talk his way out of a confrontation with a bloodthirsty peasant mob?

Since going beserk is a magical ability, without this magic I wouldn't give any advantage/penalty. In my Oscar vs the Great Troll scenario most of the time I would let it run without adjustments.

To me, the GT's pole axe attack is just a specialisation of 'Aggression', whereas Oscar's witty repartie is just a specialisation of 'Beguile'. A contest between Aggression and Beguile IMO needs no adjustment.


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