Re: Hit Points (a suggestion)

From: Dave Bailey <db_at_...>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 16:09:10 +0000

> From: Dave Bailey [mailto:db_at_...]
> > Mr Cule has taken the very wise approach of waiting until he has the
> >end rules in his (sweaty) hands and has played them before producing
> house
> >rules or commenting further. I too beleive this to be the correct
> approach
> >and would urge you to give the game a chance. In particular you should
> >explore the style of play the mechanics are driving you towards before
> >tweeking elements.
> I actually think that failing to comment would be more of a sign that you
> weren't giving the game a chance rather than making critique's and
> constructive suggestions. I wouldn't even bother *thinking* about Hit
> Points
> and the like if I didn't want to give the game a chance.
> I'm sure it's wise to withold (final) judgement, but that's all.
> Richard

        [Dave Bailey] I agree about judgement, it's just that people have gone a long way into developing their own systems with even seeing the final copy of Herowars, I know you guys in the GTA have a fairly advanced idea mind. I feel like there's more harm than good being done at the moment, it may be that the system is great but by the time it arrives our view will be soured a little which would be a shame.

        The 1st 3 chapters are great but make me a little irriatable have to wait even longer for the final thing.

        Apart from the character creation what else is really good about the mechanics?


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