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Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 11:09:49 -0500

> > And if your opponents bid is x, you automatcially match his bid on HIS
> > action. Just as he matches you on YOUR action.
> This was the part I was missing. I thought each side bid whatever they
> wanted--not that youhad to match the bidder's bid.

No, bids are reflexive....  

> So what happens when Kost the Tracker bids 50 on his Hide Tracks and
> Bigmouth the Rubble Runner Broo only has 20 on his Sniff skill?
> Bigmouth can only bid 20, right?

One: Kost has to do something that justifies a 50 AP bid.... I'd love to know what the described action is.

No. Bigmouth will have to try tomatch the bid -- IF the Narrator allows it and will go into the negatives. If he fails, then he's in a world of trouble.

Bidding one's opponent into the negatives is a favored tactic for setting up a coupe-de-grace on an opponent.  

> > > On an unrelated issue, how does someone determine the base Close
> Combat
> > > and Missle Combat value in charactger generation? The posted
> chapters
> > > don't mention anything about it. And what are the /# ratings in the
> > > combat section of Kallai's online character sheet?
> >
> > I use it as being the best value of any combat skills given in the
> > keyword.

> This doesn't seem to be the way it is in Kallai's character. Close
> combat is a broad reaching number that specific skills are based on,
> but those specific skills are greater than the Close Combat skill. To
> do otherwise would suggest that everyone could be a general
> weaponmaster.

>From what Rob has said earlier, there's a typo there, I think. Sigh.
And everyone does get their general combat at the skill they select for it. Think of the combat skills as Feats for Combat.... (A bad analogy but one that works well enough for me)

Thorngast is a Warrior and a Heortling and an initiate of Humakt. I have a choice of making his Close Combat 17 but I'm using one of my special skill here.
According to the keywords, he recieves Sword and Sheld 17 (warrior), Spear and Shield 13 (heortling), Greatsword 17 (Humakt) -- (there may be more skills, I'm doing this from work...)

Oh, and in my casual keywrods, I mention that Thorngast is a good man with his fists.

Thus, it looks like I have a 17 Close Combat (my best level so far) and my Spear and Shield would be raised to 17

However, realizing I don't want Thorngast to die or be laughed at by the other Humakti, I select my Close Combat skill as my 1W for Thorngast Sheepfoot (low, perhaps but I want him to be seriously into Death magic).

So, the sheet would look like this...

Close Combat 1W (Sword and Sheld, Spear and Shield, GreatSword, Fisticuffs)

Did I mention he's a humakti? Well, being a typical cheesmongering player, I take '+5 Sword and Shield Fighting' as my gift. The Geas probably involves flails and the like.

So, I end up with a skill set as follows:

Close Combat 1W (Sword and Sheld +5, Spear and Shield, GreatSword, Fisticuffs)

If I use spear and shield, my skill is 1W, but if I use Sword and Shield, I'm at 6W

Some time passes and Thorngast, bless his big beard, has 8 HP to spend and I did a lot of fighting. I decide that I like fighting a lot. +2 Close Combat (costs 3), +1 Sword and Shield (costs 1HP) and this old geezer offered to teach me Mace and shield (which I did not use) and costs me 2 HP...

New Skillset:
Close Combat 3W (Sword and Shield +6, Spear and Shield, Fisticuffs, Mace and Shield)

Now, speaking as a Narrator, I MIGHT make taking "Close Combat" or "Ranged Combat" always count as 'did not use this adventure' as they are broad skills and you can't learn everything at once. But I'm interested in hero growth at the moment rather than game restrictions. Such a thing would certainly slow down the fighting types and let the scholar and mage types keep up -- and force more weapon specialization.

But I digress....

Close combat and the skills within it (sword and shield) are interdependant. If you raise Close Combat, all your close combat skills will go up. But you can also raise your individual combat skills as well. This lets you specialize but also means that you are not stopped by the "Damn, I'm a master of the sword but I can't fight with a meatcleaver" effect.

At least, that's they way I do it. It works well enough for my purposes (demos and what is shaping up to be a weekly campaign) and we've been playing around with it for a few months now.  

> > Jeff Kyer
> Thanks Jeff!

No worries. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to state the above thing clearly. Er, as clearly as I get, anyways.


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