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Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 14:09:11 -0500


Bruce Ferrie wrote:
> Michael W. Ryan:
> > We were speculating about this yesterday when I ran a game from just the
> > synopsis and the first 3 chapters.
> Yes, yes, never mind all that. :) How did the game go? Is running a game
> with just the three chapters and the synopsis (assuming you have RQ
> material to draw upon) doable?
> I think it is, Michael. I actually ran 2 separate games - one on Saturday, one
> on Sunday. Very do-able as long as you're not going to get all uptight about
> knowing all the rules. There's an awful lot of improvisation to cope with. But
> I'd advise you to give it a go.

Its easier to just *do* I find. But that could just be me being overly eager.  

> Keep a copy of the tables about Contests (and your wits <grin>) handy at all
> times, and you should do fine. Any players who are rules lawyers will have a
> fit, though I suspect the entire HW rulebook would still do that to them.

Yes, my resident power gamer tends to throw fits over this game. Fortunately, he's playing a Humakti...  

> I like the AP system, works very well for me. Glad I caugh the explanation of
> how this actually worked in the mailing list, though, as it's a major failing
> of the synopsis. Much more interesting than the old RQ combat system, and a
> gift for players and GMs who like to get descriptive. Particularly as it works

If you don't like descriptive, it can be a bit of a problem. I've got a pair of die-warriors in my group but they are getting used to having to describe what they do (you'd think being Champions geeks would make them good at describing their actions but not in this case...) and seem to be starting to like it. They are certainly more excited about combat now that they are getting the hang of it -- and some cool actions have netted them decent edges.

> for other kinds of contests, too, like Bargaining. Coming up with a High
> Risk/High AP Bid action for this sort of talk-y action is fun... :)
> That said, I'll still tend to run a lot of this sort of thing without resorting
> to dice.

Our resident Yinkini jumped up onto the roof, grew claws and then jumped back down on the evil doggy people. Good for an edge and Yinkin was impressed (as impressed as a cat will get if you don't have yummy food or are the opposite gender, that is).  

> One thing that makes me uncertain is that it seems most likely to me in combat
> that the loser will often only end up on Dazed or Hurt, thus starting another
> extended contest with little difference from the first one. It could go on for
> ages, unless I'm missing something obvious.
> I do know about the Parting Shot, but if you don't succeed, the victim doesn't
> lose any more APs.

This is true. Mostly I put it down to the enemy running away in panic before they get killed. Backshots and parting shots help. Much of the time I and my players go for 'wounds' which seems to really help the sense of fear and bloodshed along.

> Character generation is *excellent*, but I knew that already as characters were
> created in advance. The one thing the players have all found is that there are
> plenty of Abilities they would have included in the 100-word description if
> only they'd thought more carefully... :) I think I might permit them a re-write
> after a session or two.

This is what I allowed...

One player brought in a character writeup in blank verse! Blasted Lankor Mhy has too much time on his hands. But I was happy to let him have the extra few words (about 8) that his stanzas required.

Coolness should be rewarded, I think.

> I imagine this being much less of a problem once you've gone through character
> gen once or twice and played a few sessions.
> The toughest thing to me seems to be keeping to 100 words, but I'm prone to
> writing reams about my characters (and NPCs).

Yep. It really helps me find otu what is *essential* to the character. Everything else is backstory. or, as we continue to play and we do 'backstory episodes' I get to learn more and more about this strange fellow I play.  

> The main problem that my players had was trying to get their head round the
> Affinities and Feats. None of them had RP'ed in Glorantha before, though I'd
> given them all a go at King of Dragon Pass. They weren't too sure about what
> sort of thing would "fit in" for the things they'd be able to do. I hope
> there'll be *something* in HW, even if it's not a specific ruling for each
> Feat. Some examples would be handy... It helped that I've been into Glorantha
> since '83, but I can see this being a huge hurdle for players who are new to
> the world to get over.

Yeah, that is a problem but much of the time, we can usually wing it. If it sounds good, I usually go for it.

And, in the case of Sunset Leap, I let a player leap a long, long way -- but I use the distance table difficulty from the rules modified by such things as leaping towards an enemy, leaping at sunset (good modifier there) and whether or not he's got a running start....  

> I'm already under pressure to carry on with another episode of one of the two
> games. I'll probably be playing again in a couple of weeks' time. Time to go
> and write more about the Stormsinger Clan, I think... :)
> Regards,
> Bruce

Good work. Have a cuppa and celebrate. Here, have this sheep. Its not mine.


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