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From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 14:36:34 -0500

Bruce Ferrie wrote:
> > How do you handle a reward in money using the wealth rating system? I
> give
> > hero points that must be spent to increase the wealth rating, but if you
> > have better ideas I'd gladly accept them. Gifts are easier: you choose the
> > gifts' level and then let the character choose the specific gift whose value
> > is lower than the gift's level.
> Points to Wealth is an acceptable method. I use it myself -- particuarly
> with regards to sheep. But having a generous chief or leader gift the
> heroes with 'something nice' is a good idea.
> In the game I just ran, a PC warband member was singled out for praise by the
> warband leader. From the notes I emailed out the next day:
> "On hearing the tale of how blood drenched Sovah like a rain, though none of it
> was her own, Corcoran Giantkiller gifted her the torc from his own arm. He paid
> for bards to sing of her deeds to the other clans throughout the summer and she
> took the Hero's portion at the night's feast."
> Rewards don't have to be cash. The player has already mailed me back describing
> how Sovah is making a big show of wearing her new torc, and wants to know what
> the bards are saying about her. :)

An *excellent* reward. And much better phrased too! But yes, that's the sort of thing that I'm doing for the budding heroes in the BTT. Mind you, we don't have a person playing 'chronicler' in our exploits. But that sounds like a roleplayed out +3 XP to local reputation and Torc of Honour -- which gains the admiration of our clan: 12

But isn't it much nicer played out? I think so!  

> Jeff:
> Yeah. The Blind Taste Test is finding this fascinating. We DO have a
> resident powergamer so we've gotten very aware of how the game can be
> abused but, frankly, I'm finding it very good to have my mind and
> imagination stretched.
> I shudder to think of how one particular player I know might try to apply the
> "Command Gods of Storm Pantheon" Feat. :)

Augh. Must Erase Book In Players Hands Now. Yep. Don't know how I'd work that one, but I bet it VERY useful when you are on Orlanthi HeroQuest playing the part of Orlanth.

Especially in the "Little Brother Tames Bad Wind" heroquest...

(Very valid Mage: The Bewildering comentary deleted)  

> I think HW might go the same way. Hmm. You'll get little clusters of HW groups
> popping up all over the land, depending on how aggressively we all
> proselytise... :)

That's how most games spread. But with the internet, we can at least get our nodes better support. Gah, I remember how bad it was back when I was the only person running RuneQuest within a hundred miles back in the mid 80's. Very lonely.


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