Re: Further on 'generic skills'

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 18:03:40 -0800

> >I have Strength 14 but I don't have Arm Wrestle. I use my Strength at -6
> >Arm Wrestle and at the end of the session earn hero points.


> There is no cementing as mentioned above.

Correct. Cementing is for goodies recieved during play that were *not* originally purchased with Hero Points. You need to Cement gifts, new relations, etc, but not things your HP buys you. The Narrator may decide to just dock you a HP & make tell you to note the new ability, or can "offer" you the one-time opportunity to buy a particular goody. Note that you do *not* need to cement bad things!

Example (slightly modified from the example in Chapter 2; Assigned Hero Points):
The players have finished a session wherein they rescued the daughter of the king, foiling the plans of the king's brother. The king says he is eternally grateful. The Narrator gives them the new relations King: 12 and Wicked Prince: 12 (this one is a flaw). The players can basically use call on favors from their relation: King 12 for a short while (however long it lasts, probably for a couple months of game-time or until they leave the kingdom, or they abuse the privilege). If they do not cement the benefit, then a year down the line they may find that a king's "eternally" is much shorter than the dictionary definition. If they spend the HP to cement the relationship: King 12, then they can call on him far in the future. They don't need to spend a hero Point to "cement" the emnity of the King's brother (a wicked Narrator might instead force them to spend a point to keep it from becoming a permanent flaw!).


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