Re: answer (or not) from der Listmeister

From: stephen.royle_at_...
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 09:20:22 +0100

>Second, to answer the question I'm afraid that there is NOT a way to
>issue the digests by size. The options you have in your config screen
>are the options for the service - by email, by daily digest, and
>headers daily.

I'm probably being really dense here, and it really doesn't have any HW relevance, but how do I get on to my config screen to make it come as a daily digest?

HW relevance, very dissapointed that there are no, even basic descriptions of skills, affinities etc. I think this may be the biggest off putter to non-glorantha newbies.
I know for sure that I'm going to be making up at least basic details for my new non-glorantha players to help them.


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