Re: A simple AP question

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 20:44:27 -0800

> I don't recall whether anybody addressed this specific question of AP
> versus number of skills in extended contests:
> 1. AP only apply to extended contests (including group extended contests).

Correct. This applies to Edges and AP loans as well, as they modify the basic AP mechanics.

> 2. Your starting AP are determined from your initial ability used in the
> contest.

The actual formula is Ability rating (where each "w" counts as 20), + modifiers (bonus or penalty). This is your Starting AP, and represents your personal abilities. To this are added AP from followers, AP loaned by other player characters, magic or Rituals, etc.

If I start a combat with my Sword & Shield of 5w, with a Improv penalty of -5, My Starting AP is 25 (ability) -5 (modifier) or 20. This is the amount I can use in a Desperation Bid (I can bid up to my Starting AP at any time).

If I also have a follower (ability 16), plus 5 Loaned AP from a ritual, my "Starting AP" is still 20, but I have 41 AP "on hand" as it were, from followers and magic.

My total AP, not "Starting AP" is used to determine my order in a Group extended contest

> 3. You may switch abilities throughout the extended contest.

3a. Your AP does *not* change if you switch abilities.

> >If two people have an encounter, how many skills are involved? 2 or (3 or
> >4)?

As many as you think will work in the situation. Sometimes you will use one ability throughout the entire contest (Sword & shield, say). Other times, you'll switch from Bow, to a Magic feat, to Sword & shield, to Run, back to Sword & shield, then Dodge, then try a different Feat, etc.

Your Starting AP will be based on the first ability you use. It thus behooves you to have several good abilites (one for combat, one for social situations, one for magic, etc), or be willing to be unarmed in a battle of wits (your ability is a whopping 6 if you don't have anything remotely usable).


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