Re: A simple AP question

From: Andrew Dawson <asmpd_at_...>
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 23:00:19 -0500

I don't recall whether anybody addressed this specific question of AP versus number of skills in extended contests:
  1. AP only apply to extended contests (including group extended contests).
  2. Your starting AP are determined from your initial ability used in the contest.
  3. You may switch abilities throughout the extended contest.


At 10:28 AM 03/30/2000 +0100, you wrote:
>This came up a while ago but I'm not sure I ever got the answer.
>If two people have an encounter, how many skills are involved? 2 or (3 or
>(This obviously gets more complicated on multiple encounters).
>e.g. Oscar vs GT.
>case 1) Oscar uses WR (we all know what this means by now, don't we? :) )
> GT replies with Maul.
> When it's GT's go, he uses Maul vs Oscar's WR.
>case 2) Oscar uses WR, GT replies with Obstinate.
> When it's GT's go, he uses Maul and Oscar uses Dodge.
>Case (1) uses 2 skills (Oscar/WR vs GT/Maul), (2) uses 4 ( Oscar/WR vs
>GT/Obstinate, then GT/Maul vs Oscar/Dodge).
>If case (2) is possible, which of the skills are used to calculate AP?

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