Re: Re: Collecting the PAQ - pretty darn long

From: Andrew Dawson <asmpd_at_...>
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2000 22:45:22 -0400

Sorry for the late reply; been away from the computer at Ambercon (though I've been thinking that I would much prefer to use Hero Wars to run a game in the Amber setting).

First of all, thanks to you and the others for the definition of MGF. I have seen it used repeatedly, but never got around to asking about it before.

However, I had a different point about MGF:

I suspected that MGF was common to the Glorantha community; I also suspected that it was not common to the Usenet community. If I recall correctly, the original series of exchanges about which I replied came from a Usenet argument. If MGF is not common to the Usenet community, it shouldn't be used. If it is, then I stand corrected and it is okay to use MGF in a Usenet forum.


At 07:51 AM 03/31/2000 +0100, Nick Brooke wrote:
>Andrew wrote:
>> 2. You used the phrase MGF. I don't know what that means. Is it a common
>> Internet initialism? If not, using it is liable to alienate the casual
>> observer. (Can you let me know what it means in the mean time?)
>MGF = Maximum Game Fun. It's a common theme in Gloranthan discussions; use
>of the term was pioneered by MOB (Michael O'Brien), who has a canonical
>essay on the subject at The idea
>is that in gaming, doing something that's *fun* is usually more important
>than brilliant research, thorough simulation, and phenomenally accurate
>fidelity to age-old publications.
>There's a summary of other commonly-used abbreviations for
>Gloranthan/RQ/Internet terms on my website, at
> Have a look at that
>next time you get confused.

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