Re: Moon modifiers

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2000 21:12:59 -0700

> What modifiers are applied to the target number of Lunar magic
> abilities due to the phases of the moon?
Lunar Phase     Affect
Dark                 X 0.3
Crescent Come X 0.5
Empty Half        X 1.
Full                   X 1.5
Full Half           X 1.
Crescent Go    X 0.5
Dying               X 0.3

This is applied *Outside* the Glowline. It affects all magical affinities/grimoires/shamanic skills of the lunar cultist. Mystics are not affected (Check the Lunar keywords for "Affected by the Lunar Cycle" in the disadvantages area).

Inside the Glowline the modifier is always X 1, unless one is a Lunar Cultist who has learned the secret of their cult, then it is 1.5.

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