Re: Misapplied Worship

From: David Cake <dave_at_...>
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000 11:13:44 +0800

>Here is Greg's answer to the "Two Magic System" question:

        Note that this isn't as straight forward as it might seem. Magic System is not necessarily your intuitive animist/theist/mystic/sorcerous divisions, which are non-gloranthan or meta-gloranthan divisions, but Gloranthan Magic Systems.

        Where all this is going is to say that, for example, an Orlanthi can combine Theism and Animism because they are both part of the Orlanthi Magic System, and do so at no penalty. While you couldn't combine Praxian and Pamaltelan shamanism without penalty.

        Greg has been very unclear on this, and exactly why some mixed traditions are penalised and others are not. But its certainly my understanding that some mixed traditions (notably the Orlanthi and the Lunars) can mix magic systems without penalty.

        Personally, I think the rule should simply apply to anyone mixing traditions at a gloranthan level, regardless of whether they are mixing magic systems at a higher level, and there should be ways around the penalty (Illumination, for one).


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