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 I certainly think that a noble Lunar type who worships a good Lunar diety in  a Theistic fashion, can also be the the family head and leader of his  family's ancestor worship......

I agree that he he can, but he is not a very efficient ancestor worshipper, it seems to me. Just because the rules make something weak and inefficient does not mean it is not done. In fact misapplied worship is "common in some areas" according to the rules. p246 (which areas exactly would be interesting - Safelster? Carmania? Prax?).

The 'spirit cults' situation is, I admit, rather different. I can see the logic in having some way to interact with these powerful (W3+) spirits, other than defeating them in a contest (dangerous and unlikely for most shamans). I can see that it is hard/expensive to do because shamans are supposed to do ecstatic communion rather than sacrificial worship. The main 'but' is that spirits aren't supposed to want sacrifice. Are they really social climbers who want to be gods, not spirits? If Great Spirits are the remnants of gods as a lot of Praxian entities seem to be then this might be a reasonable.

I think spirit cults 'work' in both rules and Gloranthan terms, but think that the terminology is clunky. Compared to mysticism though....

Keith N

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